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Sept. 27, 2014 TX SCV and TSOCR meeting at Lorena , TX.

Oct. 14, 2014 SCV Meeting at the Woodbine Hotel 7 pm.

Oct. 18, 2014 Mushroom Festival Madisonville, TX.

Oct. 25, 2014 Marker Dedication Pankey Cemetery 10 am.





Madison Rose for Marion McCann of the 24th Texas Cavalry at the Burrows sometimes called the McGary Cemetery. Located off FM1428, turn right on Boyd Rd. go 1/2 mile take left go 1/2 mile in Marker dedication by the Thomas Jewett Goree Camp and the
pasture Cemetery on right. Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013, 10 A.M. Assistance needed Uniforms and Black Rose.






                                               Texas Mushroom Festival 

                                                     Oct. 12, 2013




             Marker Dedication for William Elijah Collard at the Gourd Creek
                      Cemetery outside of New Waverly TX Oct. 5, 2013.

                          Passing of Compatriot James Day Burke
                                         Sept. 24, 2013


                     Texas Division Convention June 7th. through June 9th.



                     Booth at the Battle of El Camino Real Feb. 9, 2013

            Marker dedication by the Thomas Jewett Goree Camp and the
         Madison Rose for Burton Smith Malone of the 7th Texas Cavalry at the Madisonville 
         City Cemetery at 2:00 P.M. Saturday April 27th.

                      April - Flagging of Confederate Soldiers Graves






 Dec. 15th.- Bedias Christmas Parade; TJ Goree & Madison Rose  will have a float.

  Dec. 11th. - Christmas Party & SCV Meeting 6:30     PM, St.Elizabeth Catholic Church,100 S. Tammye Ln. Madisonville

                        Dec. 8th. - D.E.C. meeting in Fredericksburg, TX.

                                                  Texas Mushroom Festival Booth
                          Oct. 27, 2012 Madisonville TX


 Thomas Jewett Goree Camp and Madison Rose Assist Marker
                               Dedication at Willis Cemetery, Willis, TX Oct. 20,2012.

                             Cammack Cemetery Marker Dedication
                                   Saturday, Oct. 13th. 10 A.M.
                           7171 FM 1372 behind Grace Baptist Church

                               Pvt. John Lewis Cammack
                               Co. E, 26th. Regiment Texas Calvary


                  Marker Dedication in the Ebanizer Cemetery Walker Co. 4-5-12.

                    Marker Dedications in the Madisonville City Cemetery and the 

                                      Alphine Cemetery March 24, 2012.

 Instated new Camp Officers Feb. 2012 monthly meeting.

                   Flagging of Confederate Soldiers graves March and April 2012.




                                 Bedias TX Christmas Parade Color Gurad  Dec. 17, 2011  


                                           Texas Mushroom Festival  Oct. 22,2011  

                  Texas Division Convention June fourth through June Sixth 2011.

                                                    Camp Awards 
Four Star Camp Award
                                                           News Letter Third Place

 The Madison County Court House voluntarily displays the First National
                                                      Flag for the month of April 2011.

 Madison and North Grimes Co. Flags for Confederate Soldiers Graves
                                                                     April 9,2011

                                        Battle of El Camino Real Booth Mar. 5, 2011





                                     Bedias Christmas Parade Color Guard Dec. 18, 2010

                                                   Christmas Party Dec. 14, 2010

                                           Madisonville Mushroom Festival Oct. 23, 2010

                                   Bedias Homecoming Color Guard and Float June 12, 2010.

                                     Thomas Jewett Goree Camp Awards June 8, 2010 

                                                    CONFEDERATE OF THE YEAR

                                                              BILLY SURFACE 

                           Texas Division Convention June 4 through June 6 2010.


                                                   1. Scrap Book fourth place
                                                   2. Best Website third place
                                                   3. Gold Cross- Larry Sanders
                                                   4. Silver Cross- Steve Walters
                                                   5. Silver Cross- Larry Figley
                                                   6. Silver Cross- Bob Goldstein
                                                   7. Bronze Cross- Billy Surface
                                                   8. Bronze Cross- Danis Surface OCR
                                                   9. Bronze Cross- Jennifier Figley OCR
                                                 10. Bronze Cross- Debbie Goldstein OCR
                                                 11. Bronze Cross- Lew Plotts

                                                 12. ROSE OF THE YEAR TOMMY MAYHOOD

                           Annual Confederate Memorial Service at Meador Cemetery Jacksonville, TX
                           April 18, 2010.

                           Placing flags on Confederate graves in Grimes and Madison Counties April 23, 2010.

                           Proclamation approved by Madison County Judge and Commissioners 
                           making April Confederate History and Heritage month for Madsion County
                           April 12, 2010. The First National Flag hoisted on the flag pole.

                           Battle of El Camino Real  Madisonville, TX Recruiting Booth Feb. 6, 2010   



                           Bedias Christmas Parade Color Guard  Dec. 12, 2009

                           Texas Mushroom Festival Merchandise and Recruiting Booth Oct. 17, 2009 


                                                            June 12 thru. 14 2009



                                                         1. Best Website Award
                                                         2. Gold Cross- Billy Surface
                                                         3. Silver Cross- Larry Sanders
                                                         4. Bronze Cross- Bob Goldstein
                                                         5. Bronze Cross- Larry Figley
                                                         6. Bronze Cross- Steve Walters
                                                         7. OCR Rose of the year- Danis Surface

                                                    Congratulations to Billy Surface on being
                                                    elected Commander of the 9th. Brigade.

                                                 Click on division convention waco,
                                                 tx. for photos:









    The Most Honorable Madison County Judge Art Henson approves
    a Proclamation making April Confederate History and Heritage
    month. All of the Madison County Commissioners signed, and
    the motion carried. The event took place at the last Commissioners
    Court meeting March 23, 2009. Look for media coverage to follow.
    Please see the Photo Gallery for updated photos.




  Cemetery Committee Announces Rogers Prairie Cemetery Clean Up

                      The Clean up took place March 21,2009 and was a great success.

                      Thanks to everyone that took part in this program. Photos are available

                      in the PHOTO GALLERY on our web page.


       From Normangee go east on OSR about two miles to CR 486. Turn left on CR 486 and go north 
       200 to 300 yards to first curve in the road. The Cemetery is to the right at this curve.





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